• Franchise fee: 25k€
  • Start-up Cost: 180 & 250 K€
  • Royalty Fee: 4%
  • Advertising spend: 1%
  • -------------------------
  • Territories: Australia, Asia
  • Business Established: 2010
  • Franchising Since: 2011
  • Lead time: 6 months
  • Training: in House
  • -------------------------
  • Sushi-Franchise.com helps you all along the way. Our consultants will help you find the right franchise and negotiate the best deal with your franchisor.

Applicants must have current ownership and operating experience or previous ownership and operating experience of multi-unit food service operations in the market that you desire to develop.

Area developers must have substantial familiarity with the market proposed for development and be willing to develop multiple units over a period of time. In addition, they must be willing to diligently exert full-time best efforts in performing their obligations under the area development agreement.

Do you meet our qualifications? Please send all of the following to us:
  1. A complete resume of any and all partners.
  2. Information on the existing multi-unit food service operations that you currently own and operate or previously owned and operated.
  3. Verification of sufficient capital to warrant developing the market.


Sushi-Tei Sushi Franchise

Sushi-Tei Sushi Franchise


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